About Us

While traveling through Mexico on a motorcycle, Ryan fell in love with the food, culture, and customs of the Jalisco region. Several years later, life landed Ryan and his family in Guadalajara for 4 years. Mexico is in his soul. He still travels to Guadalajara every month for business. Ryan fell in love with the rich flavors of the central Mexican cuisine and the simplicity of presentation allowing the depth of flavor to come alive. Ryan is invested in bringing the Jalisco flavors to downtown Phoenix. Provecho offers simple yet flavorful food of the earth. COMIDA DE LA TIERRA! "Comida de mi Tierra” signifies food from my earth, REAL food. At Provecho we are hoping and focused on creating food that bonds people, crosses cultures, and offers a unique opportunity to meet new people and share experiences. Buen Provecho

Our Concept

Provecho is a Mexican expression used when someone is about to eat and you wish them a great meal! In Spanish, it means “enjoy your meal”, like the French expression “Bon appetite”. Provecho is a concept that our restaurant will embrace at all times. The food is locally sourced from local purveyors whenever possible. The freshest vegetables, meat, and fish are used. Highest quality food for the end user is the ultimate goal. A variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables is included on the menu throughout the year. Vegetable options are having a big emphasis, as it is in the regions we are using for inspiration.

The Provecho concept is offering a “true” Central Mexican food experience. The flavors, style, and cuisine typically found in the downtown and greater Phoenix market are typically Northern Mexico restaurants, a very different style. By bringing many of the popular Jalisco foods, we are offering a new and unique take on the typical Mexican food currently serving the Phoenix food market.